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Pink Over Eggshell Harris Tweed Camper Hat - Break North


Pink Over Eggshell Harris Tweed Camper Hat

Expanding the horizon and expanding the parameter.

Expanding the rhymes of sucka MC amateurs.

You thought we wouldn't do pink? Or course we are bringing a pink and eggshell colorway.

These hats are made of Harris Tweed which is a 100% wool fabric that is warm, breathable and durable.

Harris Tweed is woven by hand in the homes of islanders in the Outer Hebrides of Northern Scotland. It's produced using techniques that have been developed over the centuries in this part of the world. While most of the rest of the world, switched to mechanized weaving during the industrial revolution, Harris Tweed continues to be produced in the old-world style. The result is a magnificent fabric that is at once: colorful, elegant, comfortable and timeless.

  • Feature a durable nylon strap and plastic closure.
  • Made of Harris Tweed
  • Unlined
  • Sewn eyelets
  • One size fits all
  • Cut and Sewn in the USA by Adults