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The Moment is Back with DJ Seprock

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The Moment is back with DJ Seprock

If you don't already know, The Moment is about catching up with friends of Break North from all over the world to find out what they’re into right now.

We hope you enjoy catching up with DJ Seprock, an old friend that secretly used to hook us up with doubles when he worked at Jackpot Records in Portland.

Giuseppe Catania AKA DJ Seprock

DJ to the Stars

Where do you call home?

New Orleans, LA right now, but forever from Wahiawa, HI

Any recommendations on things to do there that might not be on a travel guide?

The freaks show up to the horse races on Thanksgiving day in NOLA.

Do you want to plug any projects you are working on currently?

The good folks at sinking city records put out a record of beats I did. You can cop it at sinkingcityrecords.com it's seprock - "beat tape side a&b" it's suitable for freestyling in the car while your kid is looking at a Where's Waldo book.

Have you read any new books that you'd recommend?

Probably the most recent book I've read is Long Division by Kiese Laymon. Not perfect, but a pretty wild story about a shit talking African-American kid going back in time and dealing with some pretty messed up situations.

What about old books you’ve recently read?

I've been falling asleep to Agatha Christie audio books every night for the past year. Hugh Frazier's voice is drinking a box of wine on a cloud.

Found any good longform articles lately?

Nope, everything is panic inducing.

Have you had any interesting wikipedia finds recently?

Did you know Kiese Laymon is from Jackson, MS?

Any new albums you are feeling?

Mayhem Lauren & DJ Muggs "Gems From the Equinox" for violent murder raps
Mount Kimbie "Love What Survives" for car rides with my son
Stormzy "Gang Signs & Prayer" & Lethal Bizzle "You'll Never Make a Million from Grime" for treadmill chunes

Have you revisited any olds albums recently?

Dabrye - "Instmntl" at home

For DJ sets:
War - "Galaxy" 12"
Sylvia Striplin "You Can't Turn Me Away" 12"
Pulsallama "Ungawa Pt. II (Way Out Guiana)" 7"

How about podcasts?

Bodega Boys, Daily Zeitgeist, Jim Harold's Campfire

Any new articles of clothing you are so excited about that you want to tell us?

I am going to buy a hat from Break North while they are on sale for black friday when I'm done with these questions. That chef I put onto Break North better not buy the same one I'm thinking of getting (either the eggshell with pink, or the dark blue one). I could see him trying to bite my style.

New recipes?

I've been putting dried mangos in home made kombucha. it's kinda hype.

Any secrets staying young that you want to share?

Having fun for the mind, being part Okinawan for the looks.

Any wise words you want to share in closing?


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